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When will i get my order for outside the UK?

Depending on what postal service you chose: 

Non-Tracked and Tracked

EU: 3-5 days to arrive in country 

Rest of the world: 6-7 Days to arrive in country

NOTE: Delivery timeline is to arrive in country and then it is down to your national postal service to complete the delivery

Are customs chargers included in delivery?

NO.  THAKEVR is not responsible for any customs chargers or additional fees relating to delivery to your home.  This is the responsibility of the buyer.

How long till my order is dispatched after it is placed?

Once you have placed an order please allow 2-3 days for processing plus shipping.

Orders placed on the weekend will be processed Monday

Does Eleven VR have a preset for this adaptor?

Yes it does - go to setting and select 'Sanlaki' adaptor

Can you use the Quest 2 safety strap with this adaptor?

Yes - we found that the best place for the strap is to secure it around your middle finger.


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